Dariko Pavliashvili

Dariko Pavliashvili

Dako Pavliashvili Graduated from Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University with bachelor’s and master’s degrees. In 2017, She was awarded the academic degree of Bachelor of Philology with a specialty in English philology, in 2019 she was awarded the academic degree of Master of British Studies (English), successfully defended her master’s thesis on the topic “The Wardrops and their Georgia”.

Dako Pavliashvili has been engaged in teaching since 2021. In 2019, Dako Pavliashvili passed the certification exam (teacher’s subject) in English (all four components), obtained a maximum of 10 credits. Dako Pavliashvili has completed a 60-credit (1-year) teacher training program in the 2020-2021 academic year. She has been granted the status of a senior English language teacher. She actively attends sessions, trainings, and is actively involved in various educational activities. As one example, she singles out the Global Teachers’ Festival 2023 sessions run by Macmillan Education. It is focused on the current innovations in the ELT field and the latest methods of modern teaching.

  • Trainings

    • სწავლის შედეგების ვალიდურობის დადასტურება საგანმანათლებლო პროგრამებსა და სილაბუსებში Promoting interculturality in ELT through cultural diversity

    • Changing the World, One Step at a Time

    • Befriending Distractions in the Young Learner Classroom

    • What Makes Young People Tick These Days?

    • Every Child Matters

    • Children’s writing: Pictures, words, sentences and beyond!

    • Overcoming Learner Fatigue through Creativity

    • Reflections on Leading a Global Network of Language Schools in Uncertain Times

    • Motivation Begins with How We Feel

    • The Passage to Adulthood

    • Opening Teenagers’ Hearts and Minds to the World

    • Using Images to Explore Culture

    • Promoting Positive Washback

    • Finding Lifelines of Reflection in Shakespeare

    • Mastering the Five Competencies of Social Emotional Learning

    • Stress-busting Meditations for Busy Teachers

    • ELF – English in International Working Environments

    • Which English Will Give our Students the Best Mileage?

    • Past and Future of Teaching: A Science of Learning Perspective

    • What Our Brain Does When Learning, and Why it Matters უფროსი მასწავლებელი ეფექტური კომუნიკაციები და კონფლიქტების მოგვარება ფსიქოლოგიაზე დაფუძნებული სწავლება თანამედროვე მეთოდებით ელექტრონული რესურსების გამოყენება სასწავლო პროცესში მასწავლებლის კომპეტენციის დადასტურება (საგანი – ინგლისური ენა) Twelfth international Tbilisi summer school in logic and language, TSU