ელი ელისაშვილი

Chancellor of Georgian International University 𝐆𝐈𝐔, Director of China International Education Institute

It is my honor to address you as the Chancellor of Georgia International University. In addition to its historical traditions, the university has an exciting, innovative concept and approaches for the personal and career development of both the institution itself and students and graduates.

It is important to note that you have enrolled at a Georgian institution, which university is part of a global higher educational network and provides both a Georgian and an international, multicultural education.

I think that a student’s time should be spent as actively, passionately, and creatively as possible because it is the golden age of youth. Now is the moment to pursue all of your interests and aspirations, including your drive to study. Without reservation, our university will assume the lead in this.


I hope your journey with the International University of Georgia, GIU, will be successful. We wish you happy student years and rich life experiences! GIU will be your reliable guide in a world full of challenges.

Our friendship and cooperation together will enable us to do a lot, both for your personal and our country’s successful future.