The International University of Georgia, also known as GIU, has long upheld the rich traditions established when the higher education institution was founded and continues to do so. The university wants to establish a cutting-edge knowledge platform in international education, offer top-notch instruction grounded in real-world research, and broaden and diversify the scope of staff and student interactions with other countries

The university aims to produce competitive graduates who meet the demands of the domestic and global labor markets and who can quickly adjust to a competitive environment by using their initiative and creativity.

Legally speaking, the 2008-founded “Tbilisi University of Economic Relations and Law”—which later renamed itself as “Guram Tavartkiladze Educational University”—is now the International University of Georgia or GIU. China Multinational Education Group, a sizable multinational educational holding company, launched the institution in 2020.

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Graduate and 16 years of experience in the field of education

Over the last sixteen years, the university has consistently met the set goals for educational quality and conducted its operations at a level that meets high educational standards. Four successful authorizations and the accreditation of every educational program serve as proof of this.

Out of the approximately 5,000 alumni from the university, 87% work in specialized fields. Modern teaching methods, individual disciplines, and programs that are continuously improved and renewed determine the employment and professional growth of graduates.

The university offers courses in criminology, mock courts, law clinics, consulting centers, training travel agencies, training banks, TV and radio labs, student press club “Reporter,” Chinese Institute of International Education Cabinet, and “Georgian-Ukrainian Institute of Languages and Culture” in addition to its academic offerings.

The institution employs qualified academics, professional lecturers, and subject-matter experts who are engaged in scientific research activities to impart knowledge and foster students’ personal growth.

Students participate actively in both campus and community life. They manage university procedures, oversee academic procedures, and influence educational programs’ substance.

The institution collaborates with numerous international organizations and universities abroad in a wide spectrum of international relations initiatives.

The university has participated in worldwide projects and won numerous awards in collaboration with partner postsecondary educational institutions.

The International University of Georgia has advanced to a new phase of growth, marked by improvements in instruction quality, the establishment of an autonomous research organization, a rise in enrolled students, the introduction of new curricula, including foreign language courses, and an increase in the reach of internationalization.

Georgia International University GIU is committed to helping you achieve your worldwide objectives and has many exciting developments in store for you in the future.


Georgia International University (Former Tavartkiladze University) is the only university in Georgia, which since 2020 is a member of a large international educational holding – China International Education College The membership of the mentioned group emphatically proves that the quality level of education at the International University of Georgia meets the international standards of higher education.

Several large universities and educational institutions worldwide operate under the umbrella of the group.

China International Education Group is headquartered in Hong Kong. During the 22 years of activity in the field of education, the group has established many vocational, pre-school, secondary and higher education institutions. Various educational institutions of the mentioned group are represented in: China, USA, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Georgia and others.


In addition to the fact that the group’s goal is to create high-quality educational bases worldwide, the group actively works on the development of various fields: sports, medicine, art and others. It should be noted that in 2019, the Chinese Institute of International Education was established in Georgia by the group.

Georgian International University, together with various institutions of the China International Education Group, offers a number of international projects and exchange programs to GIU students, as well as professors, administration and academic staff. In addition, it offers students Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages at a high level, in which professional lecturers invited from these countries are also involved.

China International Education Group – the journey to the world begins here!

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