International Business Management

Within the framework of the educational program, learning is undertaken by the main requirements of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). The learning process is based on the modular teaching principles and is intended to enhance the knowledge acquisition and level of self-education based on the choice of training courses and individualization of the teaching process within the specific Master Program.

Date of Exams

Specialty: 21.09.2023 - 4:00 p.m.
Foreign language: 22.09.2023 - 10:00 am

Program Code:

0413 Management And Administration

  • Deadline for receiving documents – from September 1 to September 19 (during business hours)
  • Announcement of preliminary results – September 25
  • Appeal dates – September 26, 27 and 28
  • Announcement of final results/registration – 29 September

International Business Management

Academic Level:

Master's Degree

Qualification Level:


Qualification to be awarded:

Master of Business Administration, International Business Management

Teaching Language:


Program Size (ECTS):

120 ECTS Credits, 4 Semesters

Head of the Program:

Zurab Mushkudian - Professor

Are You Ready To Become Our Student?

The basic goals of the Master’s program:

  • Preparation for scientific research and teaching positions in higher education institutions;
  • Training of highly competent personnel:
  • Enhancing qualifications.
  • Fulfilling the requirement to alter the specialty chosen at the first stage of postsecondary study.

A master’s degree should guarantee the formation of a specialist who will be competitive in both the domestic and international labor markets, have extensive theoretical knowledge, and pertinent specialty competencies, and be prepared for autonomous, highly qualified professional activity.

According to Georgian legislation (Minister’s Order N224/N), an individual holding a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent academic credential is eligible to enroll in a master’s program based on completing common master’s exams or without passing common master’s exams. One more prerequisite for enrollment in the master’s program is:

• Internal university exam in specialty;
• Confirmation of knowledge of a foreign language at an appropriate level by a prescribed certificate or exam.

The academic curriculum allows for the accrual of 120 ECTS credits. 1 credit is equal to 25-30 astronomical hours, and 1 astronomical hour is equal to 60 minutes. Credit is given for both contact and independent work. A credit in hours is the amount of effort necessary by a student to master one component of the program and achieve the learning outcomes.

A single academic year has two semesters, autumn and spring, totaling forty-eight weeks, of which 38 are dedicated to academic and sessional work, four weeks to supplementary examinations (two weeks for each semester), and one week to Christmas break.

The master’s student should earn 30 credits on average per semester and 60 credits annually; however, the number of credits earned per year may vary from 60 to 75, depending on the program’s details and the student’s workload.

  • Application on the name of the rector;
  • Color photograph (3×4) printed, (4 pieces) and an electronic version on CD;
  • A copy of a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent academic degree and a copy of the appendix or their notarized copy;
  • a copy of the identity card (passport) together with the mother;
  • Certificate confirming knowledge of a foreign language (if any);
  • Sons must have a military registration certificate or a military ticket (if any) of the conscript and its copy;
  • Examination-identification card of the National Examination Center;
  • Document confirming recognition of education received in a foreign country (if any).