Law Studies

The aim of the educational program corresponds to the mission of Ltd Guram Tavartkiladze Tbilisi Teaching University and Law Faculty, goals, strategies, and is focused on the employment market, which is achievable and clearly formed. The main purpose of the Bachelor’s Program is to form and develop a bachelor values based on universal ideals. Promote a competent, publicly responsible lawyer for a qualified, labour and educational market by offering higher education standards to meet the modern standards; create conditions for realizing their personal resources.

Law Studies

Academic Level:

Bachelor's Degree

Qualification Level:


Qualification to be awarded:

Bachelor of Laws

Teaching Language:


Program Code:

Law 1430105

Program Size (ECTS) :

240 ECTS Credits, 8 Semesters

Head Of The Program:

Lika Sajaya - Doctor of Laws, Associate Professor

Co-Head of the program

Tatuli Dolidze - Doctor of Law, Associate Professor

143 Law
Exams to be taken at the unified national exams:

Civic Education

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