„Redefining higher education in a digital context, while promoting a common, inclusive, and sustainable framework based on EU best practices and policy recommendations“

RE-DIRECTION aims to transform the landscape of higher education (HE) in response to the increased adoption of digital technologies. It plans to bring together national actors and stakeholders to highlight the needs of various Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Ukraine and Georgia, both individually and at the country level. Our goal is to train staff and instructors in the newly designed curricula and develop policy recommendations addressing the connectivity challenges of remote HEIs. Ultimately, we strive to align with labor market demands and learner needs, bridge the gap between essential skills and available jobs, adapt to rapidly changing workplace environments, and introduce innovative skills. Specifically, RE-DIRECTION will empower Ukrainian and Georgian universities with innovative teaching methods by updating current curricula to encompass digitalization, sustainability, and inclusivity.


Additionally, we plan to uniformly implement these changes across targeted country HEIs. To achieve this, we will create a Methodological Framework based on desk and field research, highlighting current trends, societal skill demands, best practices, and identifying gaps and inefficiencies. In the curriculum development phase, we will introduce both core and specialized courses, which will be approved by a Consultation Committee to ensure standards and regulations are met.


Our project will also focus on remote HEIs and institutions serving vulnerable communities. During the pilot phase of the redesigned curricula, we will gather crucial data on the connectivity issues faced by remote HEIs and students in isolated areas. Using these insights, we will engage stakeholders and policymakers in creating policy recommendations for critical areas such as connectivity solutions, IT infrastructure access, partnerships with Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and innovative technologies like 5G and mesh networks.


Re-Direction (CBHE Strand 2: 2023 – 2026), Nrº: 101128509

Total Grant: 719 984 €


13 Universities; 2 ministries, 1 international consultancy:

Germany: Karlshochschule gemeinnützige GmbH (Coordinator); BK Consult GmbH

Greece: University of Patras; Metropolitan College

Ukraine: Kyiv Medical University; Dnipro University of Technology; Vinnytsia Mykhailo Kotsiubynskyi State Pedagogical University; Kharkiv National University of Urban Economy; Uzhhorod National University; Ministry of Education of Ukraine

Georgia: Georgian International University GIU; Shota Meskhia State Teaching University of Zugdidi; Gori State University; Ilia State University; Caucasus University; Ministry of Education, Science and Youth of Georgia





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