At the International University of Georgia, student and graduate achievement and development are given top priority.

At GIU, there is an alumni club with the following goals:

  • Creating and enhancing the relationship between students and university graduates;
  • Assisting graduates to improve their standing in the public eye and succeed in a variety of endeavors;
  • Including graduates in university life.

The Alumni Club, within the scope of its competence, is authorized and undertakes:

  • Development and strengthening of the graduate support system;
  • Establishing and strengthening the connections of the university with the organizations and agencies where the graduates work;
  • participation in the labor arrangement of graduates, taking into account their competencies;

We must collaborate with every GIU alumnus. As a result, kindly come along, lend your support, and join the GIU Club. Get in touch with the university administration for further details.