Enrollment Process

Georgian International University GIU admits students in compliance with the guidelines set forth by the Georgia Law on Higher Education.

The only person eligible to pursue a bachelor’s degree in education is the holder of a state certificate attesting to full general education, or an individual comparable to it who has passed the pertinent unified national exams in line with Georgia’s Ministry of Education and Science regulations.

Enrollment in the master’s program is conducted in compliance with GTSU’s master’s degree regulation as well as the master’s examination regulations authorized by the Georgia Minister of Education and Science’s order dated April 22, 2009, N27.

All higher education institutions require the results of the unified national exams.

A citizen or resident of Georgia may be eligible to receive a state educational grant to pursue higher education on the following grounds:

  • A person wishing to take the unified national exams submits a written application to the National Examinations Center, naming the higher education institution(s), faculty(s), and educational program(s) in which he wishes to continue his studies; 
  • All applicants who present a state document confirming complete general education have the right to participate in the unified national exams;
  • To participate in the unified national and common master’s exams, a fee is established, the amount of which is determined by the normative administrative-legal act of the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia;
  • The rules and conditions of exemption from payment of fees are approved by the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia.