Transfers from other higher education institutions to other higher education institutions are possible at Guram Tavartkiladze Tbilisi Educational University. Furthermore, students are permitted to move from one educational program to another within the same level:

  • After a year of instruction at the appropriate higher education level, the student is awarded the right to mobility.
  • Students whose results on the unified national/master’s exams exceed the corresponding results of other mobility applicants will be allowed to enroll in the university following the number of places registered by the university if the number of applicants for mobility to the university’s faculty or educational program exceeds the number of registered places;
  •  Mobility from a professional higher education program to an undergraduate educational program is not allowed;
  • A mobility applicant who does not apply for enrollment to the university within the deadline set by the university loses the right to enroll in the said faculty or educational program, except for the conditions defined by the law;
  • If two or more students take the last place in the competition announced by the university, the university, with the approval of the National Center for Education Quality Development, makes a decision to add a place/places for this educational program;
  • The National Center for the Development of Education Quality increases the number of approved students if there are no openings in the university’s student body as determined by the university’s application. This is done to accommodate students who want to transfer with equivalent degrees. In this scenario, the number of spots reserved for students accepted into the institution for the following academic year is subtracted from the total number of spots;
  • The student must complete extra lectures and consultations to integrate various study courses, and they have a deadline before the start of the next academic year;
  • Restoring unrecognized credits requires additional financial outlay on the part of the student;
  • Recognition is formed by a motivated decision of the University Council, which indicates the compatibility of the student’s knowledge and skills with the University program, as well as the number of recognized credits; 
  • The university has the right to determine the compatibility of the mobility applicant’s knowledge and skills with the educational program based on an interview or exam;

What documents must be submitted by mobility applicants?

  • a statement (in the rector’s name);
  • a copy of a document verifying completion of general/higher education;
  • a copy of an ID card; 
  • a copy of a document confirming military registration (for sons);
  • Any legal act that determines a student’s standing;
  • The student’s study card (confirmed with the faculty seal and the dean’s signature).

Register and receive information about mobility

ელექტრონულ პორტალზე დადებითი შედეგის შემთხვევაში სტუდენტის უნივერსიტეტში გამოცხადების/ონლაინ რეგისტრაციის და აუცილებელი დოკუმენტაციის წარდგენის ვადაა 2023 წლის 12 სექტემბრიდან 19 სექტემბრის ჩათვლით.

მობილობის მსურველმა სტუდენტმა უნდა წარმოადგინოს:

– განცხადება (რექტორის სახელზე) (განცხადების ფორმა)

– სრული ზოგადი/უმაღლესი განათლების დამადასტურებელი დოკუმენტის ასლი;

– პირადობის მოწმობის ასლი;

– სამხედრო აღრიცხვაზე ყოფნის დამადასტურებელი დოკუმენტის ასლი (ვაჟებისთვის);

– სტუდენტის სტატუსის განმსაზღვრელი ყველა სამართლებრივი აქტი;

-სტუდენტის სასწავლო ბარათი (დამოწმებული ფაკულტეტის ბეჭდით და დეკანის ხელმოწერით).

მობილობის ონლაინ სარეგისტრაციო ფორმა



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