Self Government

Student Self Government

The Student Self-Government of the Georgian International University GIU (former name: Guram Tavartkiladze Tbilisi Educational University) is an independent, representative body of students within the university, which exercises its powers within the framework of the “Law of Georgia on Higher Education” university statutes and the present regulations, both within the university and outside of it.

The goals of student self-government are:

  • To protect and represent the rights and legal interests of students, both within the university and outside of it, within the scope of their authority.
  • To support students in self-realization.
  • During the study period, to help students develop professional skills and become competitive professionals.
  • To promote raising the level of legal self-awareness and respect for the law among students.

The student self-government is authorized to:

to plan different kinds of gatherings, exercises, brainteasers, literary, athletic, cultural, entertaining, and instructive activities. Student self-government can interact with international student unions, student/youth organizations at Georgian and foreign higher education institutions, and governmental/non-governmental, state, and international organizations;

Giorgi Gelenidze

President, Student of Law Program
My motivation was to assemble a group of people who would succeed in various ways. I tell my kids to get involved in life and not be scared of obstacles. Aside from engaging in active study, volleyball is my pastime. I decided to play volleyball for GIU to represent the university with success. I have been actively involved in a variety of volunteer and educational programs since I was old enough to go to school, both as an organizer and a volunteer. I enjoy interacting with others and working in groups. In addition, I’m fascinated with photography.

Mari Lomaya

Vice President (Undergraduate Student) – Undergraduate Liaison and Project Implementation/Monitoring. Law student

I think that by working with the self-government team, we can improve the university significantly and strengthen the current sense of family. Remember, contestants, that you are selecting a second family when you select GIU. I am a youth worker, trainer, three-time best and two-time outstanding delegate of the Institute of Non-Formal Education of Georgia, and the co-founder of the initiative-organizational group “Akhalgazerde for Young People.” I have also volunteered for three years as the head of a task force or committee and as an information center about NATO and the European Union. I like to sing, write, and embroider on canvases when I have free time.

Levan Kaulashvili

Vice President (Master’s Degree Student) – Liaison with Master’s Students and Project Implementation/Monitoring, Mass Communication Student

A young person’s university education is where they develop into professionals, and it should be an enjoyable experience for them. The GIU Self-Government team will do all within its power to assist students in this process. Together with my partners, I work to foster an atmosphere where each student is involved, active, and content. I spent years bolstering youth policy in a variety of governmental and non-governmental organizations. As the president of the university’s self-government for 2022–2023, I can state with confidence that we will recognize everyone’s requirements and make accommodations for them. Large plans in a large family.

Giorgi Adamashvili

Vice President of Financial Operations, Business Program Student

Since I started college in 2021, my primary goals have been to advance the diversity of student activities while simultaneously fostering my own professional and career development. Before starting school, I participated in several voluntary endeavors. I’m a third-year student at the International University of Georgia’s Business School. My interests in video games and Japanese culture—of which I am particularly interested in anime—combine with my academic pursuits. Since I intend to pursue a profession in finance, I think that joining GIU’s self-management team will be a highly beneficial and engaging experience for me.

Mariam Maisuradze

Head of Public Relations Department, student of law program

Studentship has the power to bring about changes that are both essential and timely. I attended law school, won the “most literate” award, and took part in educational training enthusiastically. I studied in a Sunday school where I took part in a debate in which there was one.

Nino Khachapuridze

Manager of Public Relations Department. Law student

Students have a very good and positive environment at GIU. This is the university that gives kids everything they need to advance and grow. I was always interested in several school initiatives and games, such as volleyball, and the thought-provoking game “What?” where When? In my free time, I draw. I like to take pictures as a pastime. I joined a youth program when I was in school and got admitted into Comedy Kids. My goal is to grow with the other members of the team.

Ana Kvaratskhelia

Head of Department of Social Direction, student of psychology program

My motivation is to aid people and other living things, both in light of the role and in general. Furthermore, it is vital to maintain the ecosystem. I have participated in some entertaining and educational events throughout the years. “CENN” is one of these initiatives, intending to preserve the environment. I like a variety of activities, such as singing, painting, crafting, and more.

Shota Pitskhelauri

Manager of the Department of Social Direction, student of the law program

I encourage young people to put their ambitions first at all costs. And I willingly participate in all these kinds of initiatives that help young people learn and inspire them to grow. I took part in volunteer work and school events while I was a student. I assumed that as a student, I would keep taking part in these kinds of activities. I’m fortunate that GIU supports my growth in this area as well. I have no trouble interacting with others, and I enjoy cooking, playing video games, and watching sports.

Nino Elbakidze

Head of the department of relations with sponsors and partners, student of the psychology program

I vividly recall my initial emotions and trepidation upon joining this large “family”. My motivation comes from these kids. Together, we tackle a wide range of issues. I counsel pupils to maintain their motivation and zeal. We will be grateful for every step you take forward. Don’t be shy; many people are missing you. Come see us—our large “family”—if you are a student considering where to study. You won’t regret it at all, I promise. I managed the public relations for sports teams, worked in the school’s motivational department, and took part in numerous trainings. Drawing, dancing, and my job are my hobbies.

Mancho Darcmelia

Manager of the department of relations with sponsors and partners, student of the psychology program
Joining a self-governing team is the finest method to develop personally, get experience, and lead an engaging academic life. Our goal is to create a welcoming, comfortable, and most importantly, fascinating atmosphere. I believe that the self-management team will succeed in realizing the goals that each of us had as students. Jewelers, with perseverance, faith, and unwavering labor, we can accomplish the seemingly impossible. The self-management team is always there to support you. Working in a team is something I truly like.

Tamazi Mstoevi

Ombudsman, student of law program

My goal is to elevate the university’s esteemed reputation, which it has been preserving for many years, and to help it succeed. With the team, I can accomplish all of this. As much as possible, I want to use my position to promote the institution and assist in its success with the self-management team. I’ve been a group leader on several social networks for four years. Playing football and watching crime films are two of my pastimes. I’ve finished multiple practical law courses and taken part in a variety of legal tasks.

Giorgi Tchitadze

International direction manager, tourism program student

I want to grow and get more knowledge within the self-management team. I will make every effort to ensure that the university and the students benefit from my work. I have participated in several projects throughout the years, both locally and worldwide. All of this provides me with the chance to talk about my experience with my teammates and work with them to improve the learning environment for students abroad. I volunteer for the European Solidarity Corps and work with youth.

Luka Akhalkatsi

Head of Sports and Youth Department, student of psychology program

My goals are to get students involved in athletics, to instill a culture of health, and to spark the interest of more youth in leading healthy lives. In the Karate Federation, I worked as a referee and trainer. My goal is to spark students’ enthusiasm in all sports. In addition, I want to represent the university by competing in outside championships. I follow sports shows as a hobby, I am exposed to a wide variety of sports, and I plan to participate in any university-sponsored sports.

Demur Dzagnidze

Manager of sports and youth department, student of psychology program

My goal is to elevate the sport to a new plane. Maybe it should come as no surprise that sports are my hobby. Our goal is to raise the university’s standing in the sports department. Our basketball team is now competing, the international volleyball tournament has already taken place, and we have a ton of things planned. I’ve played a lot of sports, like volleyball, basketball, and so forth.

Ruska Saqidze

Manager of the Department of Education and Culture, student of the tourism program

Together, we develop ideas that add variety and interest to our lives. Everyone gets the chance to grow and express themselves with us. We can manage everything well because of the university, our capacity to operate as a team, and the numerous significant plans we have. I hope that our unwavering determination will show in the outcomes. As the manager of the Department of Culture and Education, I place a special emphasis on our personal growth.