President’s Speech

Kang Zheng


The owner of the International University of Georgia, President of the Board of Directors of China International Education Group – Kuang Zeugzhong)

Hello! I am Kuang Zeugzhong, the Chairman of China International Education Group’s Board of Directors. Hong Kong serves as the location of our group headquarters Our universities are fully recognized and function on an international scale. Apart from China, we have educational centers and institutions across numerous nations such as the United States, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and so on. 

The only university in Georgia that is a part of the International Education Group is the International University of Georgia (previously known as Guram Tavartkiladze University). Our three main goals for the university’s growth are as follows: we want to build a student residence hall and gym, completely renovate the university building with the substantial financial support of the Chinese International Education Group, and create a campus with cutting-edge facilities that are unmatched in Georgia.


Additionally, we will provide information on upcoming educational initiatives, including bachelor’s and master’s degree programs that will enable newcomers and prospective students to pursue careers in contemporary, in-demand fields.

We are expanding our current programs to include medical specialties, which are highly sought after in the modern world. We also give prospective students the option to major in English in tourism, commerce, and other fields. This will open doors to the outside world and enable us to accept international students who will receive an international education through integrating with Georgian students.

We also wish to provide university students with the opportunity to receive a more varied education. For instance, we provide free language instruction in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese to students in addition to English. We’ll be offering classes in Spanish, Italian, French, and other highly sought-after languages soon. This will enable our students to apply the knowledge they have learned here, generate job chances in the worldwide market, and increase their prospects in the global marketplace.

With a new name, “Georgian International University GIU” (formerly Guram Tavartkiladze Tbilisi Educational University), as part of the university’s rebranding, our institution will be a cutting-edge Georgian educational space. In this way, we join the global network of education and demonstrate our international direction. We will be able to integrate our pupils into the global community and connect them to contemporary programs in this way.

Our international university will soon become the most sought-after, greatest educational environment in the world and fully live up to its name with the direct backing and leadership of the China International Education Group.