Scientific Journal

Collection of scientific works of the International University of Georgia GIU

The papers presented in the annual, multidisciplinary collection of scientific works of the International University of Georgia are dedicated to the research of current issues of law, economics, and social and humanitarian sciences.

The purpose of the publication is to promote the deepening of the scientific research of Georgian and foreign authors, especially young specialists, the presentation of original concepts, the expansion of academic contacts and the creation of joint scientific-research projects, the coverage of the conclusions and recommendations proposed as a result of the activities carried out by international organizations in Georgia.

 The collection of scientific works of the Georgian International University GIU (former name: Guram Tavartkiladze Tbilisi Educational University) was established in 2011 and is referenced in Techinform’s Georgian abstract journal.

Our journal is uploaded to the Open Journals platform. It became referable from the 11th journal.

    • The work should be presented in Georgian and English: title of the article, name, surname, academic degree and position, name of the university, address, contact information, abstract, and keywords. both in electronic and printed form;
    • The paper should be in the same format in Georgian and English.
    • Title font size – 14 bold and centered;
    • Copyright information should be placed on the right side of the document. Author’s first name, last name (font size 12, bold), academic degree, name and address of the university, contact information (cell phone, e-mail)
    • The work must be accompanied by: an abstract (volume – at least 600 and at most 1200 characters) in Georgian and English, keywords (4-7), phrases (no more than 3 units);
    • The paper should be written in Microsoft Word, Georgian text – Sylfaen, English – Times New Roman fonts;
    • font size of the paper – 11, spacing – 1.5;
    • Sheet size A4, fields: top – 2.0 cm, bottom – 2.0 cm, left – 2.5 cm, right – 2.0 cm;
    • The following main parts should be clearly defined in the article: a. introduction; b. Main part; c. Research result; d. conclusion;
    • The volume of the work, including the summary – not less than 7 and not more than 15 pages;
    • The procedure for verifying sources and referencing literature in the work:

    Book: Last name of the author, first name as it appears on the title page of the book, year of publishing, title of the work (in italics), place of publication, publisher.

    If the book has more than one author, include all authors’ surnames and first names in the above text.

    If the book contains four or more writers, only the first author’s last name, first name, and the term “others” should be listed.

    If the book’s title page includes an editor or translator in addition to the author, provide the author’s surname and first name as indicated above, followed by the editor’s or translator’s first and last name.

    If the book has a translator and an editor, provide their surnames and first names in the same order as they appear on the book’s title page. Insert the abbreviation “ed.” or “translator” in front of the editor’s or translator’s last name and first name in the notes.

    If an editor or translator is mentioned instead of the author on the book’s title page, write his surname and first name in the space provided for the author, but after the last name and first name, add the abbreviation “ed.” (in the plural, “ed.- Ebi”) or “translators” (translators in the plural).

    If the author’s surname and first name are not given on the title page of a publication issued by an organization, association, commission, or business, credit the organization as the author, even if it is also named as the publisher.

    If there are no author-related examples listed above, use the closest model to your situation.

    Scientific Article: Author’s surname, first name, and year. Article complete Title: The complete name or abbreviation of the journal, volume, number, page numbers, or other identifying information; 

    Article published on the internet: Last name, first name, and publishing date of the author. Title of the article: name of the journal, number of the journal, beneath the subheading “subheading”, internet address (date of access); Online and other e-books.

    In addition to the standard elements, it is necessary to indicate the address of the website and the date of access: author’s last name and first name, year, title, and publication number. Place of publication: publishing house. Website address;

    • Drawings, graphs, charts, and other visuals should be made in JPG, and TIFF formats;
    • The paper should be accompanied by the author’s full academic degree, position, and contact details: address, phone number, e-mail.
    • The author is responsible for the material, opinions, and conclusions published in the paper;
    • The paper submitted for publication in the collection is reviewed in the appropriate direction and presented to the editorial board with appropriate recommendations.
  • Plagiarism is checked on all articles, and each paper is peer-reviewed. A paper published in a collection of scientific publications gets compensated.
  • A single article costs 140 GEL to publish.
  • The charge for publishing an article in the collection of scientific works for “Georgia International University” academic and invited personnel is 70 GEL.
  • Payment is made in the form of a non-cash settlement by sending funds to the university’s bank account.

Bank Account Requisites
Receiver Bank: JSC “TBC Bank”
Bank Code: TBCBGE22
Receiver Account: GE13TB7151736020100006
Receiver Name: LTD, Georgian International University GIU”
Purpose: Article Publish Fee

Our university journal is uploaded to Open Journals and Google Scholar platforms. It became referable from the 11th journal. Articles 11 and 12 were assigned a DOI.

We remind you that the deadline for receiving articles in our magazine is until August 15.

Attention: articles provided in violation of the rules will not be considered!
Thank you in advance for your cooperation!
Sincerely, the organizing committee

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