Mission, Vision, Values


To establish a cutting-edge knowledge platform for the global education market. Delivering top-notch instruction grounded in applied research; broadening and enhancing the scope of staff and student international contacts; preparing a competitive graduate that meets the demands of the regional and global labor markets, one who will be able to quickly adjust to changing circumstances and is grounded in moral and democratic values.


GIU is a globally recognized university that focuses on contemporary issues, with a primary emphasis on the excellence and creativity of internationalizing teaching and research. Through the establishment of national and multicultural values in the consciousness of the next generation and the development of civil society, the training university, with its team of professionals, modern academic higher education programs, well-equipped infrastructure, theoretical and practical training, and training of creative and free-thinking graduates with appropriate competencies, corresponding to the modern requirements of the local and international labor market, promotes the acquisition, use, and dissemination of quality knowledge.


  • The establishment of a high-quality culture;
  • Adherence to both domestic and global norms;
  • Fairness, independence, and academic integrity;
  • Collegiality, openness, and collaboration.