GIU Grant

The cost of undergraduate programs in Georgian language at the International University of Georgia GIU is 2250 GEL

  • Psychology
  • Business Administration
  • Journalism
  • Tourism

Candidates who select Georgia’s International University (143

They will pay just 900 GEL every semester and will receive an internal stipend for a year as a priority.

As a priority II, students will pay only 1000 GEL every semester and receive an internal subsidy for a year.

The state grant at GIU is equal to an extra 100 GEL scholarship!

If several state grants are awarded, the International University of Georgia will award a 100 GEL scholarship to the candidate with the highest priority score—143.

The tuition for students enrolling from a single school will only be 1000 GEL per semester for a full year!

While attending the International University of Georgia, members of the same family will get an internal scholarship; their annual tuition will only be 1000 GEL per semester!

Gold and silver medalists at GIU will get a one-year scholarship!

Make 143 your top priority to be eligible for free study with an institutional grant, a state award, and a GIU scholarship!

მოიპოვე GIU გრანტი