Career Development

Apart from imparting academic and practical knowledge, the International University of Georgia also actively supports the professional growth of its graduates and students. The institution offers a career help and student relations service that keeps graduates and students well-informed about events related to career support as well as current job openings. In addition to the previously listed events, the university hosts employer and partner organization meetings, where master lectures on career development are held and students and graduates are informed about current job openings, internship opportunities, and the demands of the contemporary labor market.

Additionally, the University’s Alumni Relations and Career Support Service offers students a masterclass or instruction on the fundamental abilities that are critical in the early phases of any successful career at the beginning of the academic year.

Additionally, the university hosts annual meetings with HR specialists and subject matter experts, which aids in students’ comprehension of market demands.

Every year, the International University of Georgia hosts a sizable employment conference that is crucial to the specialized employment of graduates and students. The forum includes partner groups from both domestic and foreign locations.

In addition to supporting students’ personal, professional, and career development, the Student Services and Career Development Service aims to foster the full integration of students into university life, foster the growth of student life in the residence halls, and assist in the development of general skills required for employment, which will enable young people to realize their professional and social skills in society.

In case of cooperation or interest, please contact the Head of Alumni Relations and Career Support Service.

Mate Tsulaia


Tel: +995 574 750 752