The following online meeting of Re-Direction project was held - GIU
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Today, an online meeting was held between the participants of the 6 th Work Package of the project “Re-
Direction” in the frames of Erasmus+. The participants of the aforementioned Work Package from
Georgian International University GIU, Gori State University (Georgia), Dnipro University of Technology,
Kyiv Medical University (Ukraine) and Karlshochschule International University (Germany, Project
Coordinator) attended the meeting.
The 6 th Work Package of the Re-Direction project foresees the dissemination and exploitation activities
of the project.
The deliverables of the Work Package, the distribution of functions between the participants and other
administrative details were discussed during the meeting. The representative of Karlshochschule
International University discussed the details of the kick-off meeting, planned next year, during the