Vekua Marine

Vekua Marine

Marine Vekua received higher journalistic education and academic degree at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. In 1988-2009, Marine Vekua was engaged in teaching activities at the Faculty of Journalism at TSU, where, at the same time, she held various administrative positions, including the dean of the faculty. In 2008-2009, Marine Vekua was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Georgian Public Broadcaster; since 2009, she continues her academic activities in several higher education institutions: International University of Georgia, Tbilisi State University, Black Sea International University and Alte University; she is an media expert of National Center For Educational Quality Enhancement . She is the author of several monographs and many articles. Marine Vekua is a member of several local and international professional organizations (Creative Union of Journalists of Georgia; Institute d’Etudes Europeennes et Internationales de Reims, France IEEI). In 2019, she founded the Ramaz Lominadze Charity Foundation. In 2020, she was awarded one of the highest awards of the Creative Union of Georgian Journalists – the Sergey Meskhi Award.

  • Conferences, Trainings

    Journalism Ethics: Professional or Personal Dilemma
    2023, media literacy, (EMI), speaker

    Christian Amanpour: Much More Than a Reporter
    2023, TSU, Tbilisi, Georgia; speaker

    Rupert Murdoch: the Legend of American Journalism
    2022, TSU, Georgia, Tbilisi; speaker

    The Phenomenon of Joseph Pulitzer in American Journalism
    2021, TSU, Tbilisi, Georgia; Speaker

    The American Academy for International Multimedia Journalism Educators Program
    August, 2022, The U.S. Department of State; USA, Chicago; participant
    აშშ, ჩიკაგო;

    2022, Follow-up Worshop “Countering Digital Disinformation”
    Journalism Resource Center, Georgia, Tbilisi; participant

    Constructive News
    2022, Georgia, (Georgia) and The Institute of Constructive Journalism (Denmark)

    2020, the Creative Union of Georgian Journalists – the Sergey Meskhi Award.